Friday, 13 July 2012

Environment Development

Our animation will be split into two worlds: the urban and the fairy tale world. The transaction between the two will be subtle during the animation with different elements of the urban world appearing gradually in the fairy tale one. To make the two environments different to each other we got two of our group members to work on them separately.

Urban/ Modern Environment

Ryan will be working on the urban environment based on Sam's Influence Map using cold colours and gritty textures. The urban world will mainly be inspired by London's suburbs with the tall house blocks and dark alley ways.

Sam's  Urban/Modern World Influence Map

Ryan's Urban/Modern World Concepts

Fairy Tale Environment

Dayle is responsible of the fairy tale world inspired by Disney's colourful forest environments. It is meant to be cheesy to convince the audience that the animation starts with a generic fairy tale world which will eventually change and surprise them.

Sam's Fairy Tale World Influence Map

Dayle's Fairy Tale World Concepts

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