Friday, 13 July 2012

Story development

 Here is the initial animatic Dayle and Andriana  conjured up, and from there Alex re wrote the second draft script. Tell us what you think.

2 Draft Script

Further Character Development

Villain Development

Dom has been working very hard to get the Characters work right and got our Villain spot on. In the fairy tale version he is meant to be the witch that leads Hansel and Gretel into he gingerbread house house but in the urban world he is the drug dealer that offers them drugs. As you can see, his features resemble  that of a witch with the triangular facial features and the pointy hat. 

Hansel and Gretel Development

Initially, Hansel and Gretel were going to be normal humans but after looking deeper into the style we could go for, Sam suggested German Expressionism as a link to Brother's Grimms' fairy tales. This creative movement suggest rough surfaces and bolder silhouettes which why the following character concepts resemble carved dolls.

Environment Development

Our animation will be split into two worlds: the urban and the fairy tale world. The transaction between the two will be subtle during the animation with different elements of the urban world appearing gradually in the fairy tale one. To make the two environments different to each other we got two of our group members to work on them separately.

Urban/ Modern Environment

Ryan will be working on the urban environment based on Sam's Influence Map using cold colours and gritty textures. The urban world will mainly be inspired by London's suburbs with the tall house blocks and dark alley ways.

Sam's  Urban/Modern World Influence Map

Ryan's Urban/Modern World Concepts

Fairy Tale Environment

Dayle is responsible of the fairy tale world inspired by Disney's colourful forest environments. It is meant to be cheesy to convince the audience that the animation starts with a generic fairy tale world which will eventually change and surprise them.

Sam's Fairy Tale World Influence Map

Dayle's Fairy Tale World Concepts