Friday, 13 July 2012

Story development

 Here is the initial animatic Dayle and Andriana  conjured up, and from there Alex re wrote the second draft script. Tell us what you think.

2 Draft Script


  1. Hey Nano-mators...

    This script reads well, with the emphasis very much on the visual, so the next animatic is going to be key in terms of getting this to translate. You should attempt to make this animatic as descriptive of your ultimate intentions as possible - i.e. elements of sound-track and music etc. I'd also consider inserting the title/text elements, fades to black, because all these components help build atmosphere, tension and will give you a clearer idea of any pacing issues that come up. Looking forward to seeing it!

  2. Hi guys,

    I have had look over the development recently and really love your take on this idea and looking forward to see this come together, also this is a strong team you have set up and exciting how you have each had an important part to play and how each has interpreted this idea in their style but still to the same purpose

    I look forward to great things
    Good Luck Nano-mators!